SAIC Motor UK Interns MGB GT

SAIC Motor UK interns present an MGB GT unlike any other

15th September 2017

At the end of August, SMTC UK said goodbye to their 2016/17 interns, but not before the interns unveiled the group project they’d been developing together over the previous year – an MGB GT.

However, this particular MGB was converted to showcase a diverse range of the technology that SAIC Motor has designed and developed over the past decade.

Key modifications include the fitting of a 2 litre NLE turbo engine, MG GS front and rear disc brakes, ZS11 power assisted steering, ABS and a bespoke cooling system & exhaust. On top of this, the wiring loom was entirely rebuilt to allow 80’s technology to operate alongside the latest systems.

The vehicle was initially showcased in the Birmingham technical center and is now expected to make appearances at Silverstone and the NEC Classic Car show.

SMTC UK would like to say a huge thankyou to everyone involved in the project as well as wishing the interns every success in the future.