6 February 2019

Earlier this year we announced the expansion of our SAIC Advanced Design teams at both of our U.K. studios in Birmingham and London. We are a well-established, but dynamic, international design team offering a unique opportunity to take a role of shaping future vehicle product design and brand vision. There are currently 30 people permanently based in the U.K studios, which will increase to 50 with the recruitment of a number of vacancies at different levels. The growth of the two studios is as a direct result of the recent repositioning of U.K. Design to be a dedicated Advanced Design operation, exploring future design concepts and future mobility projects for both MG and Roewe brands.

MG SAIC Advanced Design Studio - Birmingham

Both studios offer unique aspects to the design process, with London as a digital studio, deploying state-of the-art software, technology and facilities to develop ideas, whilst Birmingham retains the ability to produce physical properties on its five-axis milling machines, allowing the whole U.K. design team to articulate their vision and bring their ideas to life. The use of virtual reality development tools across the studios allows for concurrent creative reviews across the global advanced studios, generating opportunities for collaboration, resulting in an integrated understanding of the design intention and characteristics, helping to provide a broader input to the design language of both MG and Roewe brands.

European Advanced Design Director, Carl Gotham, said, “The expansion of the U.K. Advanced Design teams is a clear reflection of the huge creative value that can be added to the global organisation. The investment in talent that we are making here in the U.K is a clear signal of our intention to continue to create new and exciting future MG and Roewe models and build a world class design team.”

SAIC Design has a third Advanced studio team at it’s in headquarters in Shanghai, China which works alongside the MG and Roewe Studios. The global Advanced teams work together to promote the MG and Roewe design philosophy and push new boundaries for the business and its products.

SAIC Design is now looking to build up our team of designers with vacancies in both the Birmingham and London studios.  To view the current opportunities that are open at the two U.K. based Advanced Design Studio’s please visit or visit our LinkedIn page.

MG SAIC Advanced Design Studio - London