SAIC and Alibaba partner to create its first ‘internet car’

8th July 2016

On 6th July 2016 SAIC Motor, in partnership with e-commerce giant Alibaba, launched the Roewe RX5, dubbed as the World’s first mass-produced internet car.

The RX 5 uses Alibaba’s Yun OS smart technology, allowing it to automatically pay for fuel, parking, and tolls.  Each smartcar that is equipped with Yun OS has its own unique ID that allows the vehicle to recognise different users and make recommendations for music, air conditioning temperature and nearby attractions based on the users previous journeys.

This week SAIC officially announced a joint $160 million venture with e-commerce giant Alibaba to create its first ‘internet car’. Over the last two years the collaboration has developed the Roewe RX5 SUV which includes a new version of Alibaba’s Yun operating system to enable the car to connect to and tap into various internet services, as well as three LED screens and space for up to four detachable 360 degree cameras to record video and take photos.