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SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited (SMTC UK) was established in 2005 to enable SAIC Group to benefit from the wealth of highly skilled automotive engineering and design talent present in Europe. Now, as an integral part of the SAIC Motor Technical Centre based in Shanghai, China, SMTC UK is responsible for key phases of the engineering, research, design, and development programmes of new MG and Roewe products for Global markets.  SMTC UK has continued to expand, and now employs around 275 engineers and designers with a high degree of automotive experience drawn from all over the European motor industry.
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SAIC Design Challenge 2018 - Finalists
On October 25th this year, the sixth ‘SAIC DESIGN CHALLENGE’ award closing ceremony was held at the SAIC Design Centre in Shanghai, China. As part of the global competitions highlight 20 final concepts were selected to be made into physical mock ups. The ceremony exhibited an array of innovative ideas of students from top design colleges across the globe and celebrated some of the brightest future talent within the industry. Read more…