MG E-Motion Concept

Our Capabilities

The UK engineering team is capable of and equipped for engineering both complete vehicles and major powertrain components.

As part of SAIC’s global engineering team, the UK’s normal scope of work is the concept and initial engineering phases of new vehicle and PT programmes and the engineering, development, sign-off and certification of products for European markets. Significant support is expected from the UK for the production phases of programmes to be launched in China.

In Design, SMTC UK is responsible for MG brand development and identity, and acts as an internal consultant for Roewe products destined for the Chinese market.

In addition to our core responsibilities and capabilities, SMTC UK also employs many in business support functions including Finance, HR, IT, and Commercial\Purchasing. These departments, along with other operational staff members enable our engineering and design employees to work to their maximum effectiveness.

Advanced Design

Creativity and innovation are core values of the SAIC Design Team.  Situated in a purpose built Design Studio, the UK Design Team delivers world class concepts to support the SAIC product portfolio for both MG and Roewe brands.

The Design Studio employs a wide range of skilled designers from around the world, all specialists in the art of automotive design. Creating fresh ideas and pushing the boundaries of innovation and design is a daily activity to ensure the customer receives modern and forward thinking products from the company.

From sketches through to surface sign off the designer’s job is to create and protect the design through to production ensuring that the original vision and intention is maintained to the showroom.  Sketching ideas is still at the heart of the best designers and at SAIC the Design team are encouraged to get their ideas down on paper and the computer screen.

Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering harnesses the full engineering capabilities of SMTC UK to develop world-class architectures for new MG and Roewe vehicles for SAIC, meeting the ever increasing demands for improved fuel economy, features, crash performance, dynamics, refinement, quality and reliability at competitive costs.

The Advanced Engineering team has high levels of expertise in these areas and collectively provides the capability to develop a fully integrated design.  The Advanced Engineering Team leads the development from initial target setting, through concept development, covering all key development phases up to full engineering production release.

Advanced Engineering also leads research into new pioneering technologies for future applications into SMPV products.  Specific priorities for research are established in vehicle efficiency improvement, propulsion technology, energy storage, tools and processes.

Advanced Engines

The continuing drive for improved CO2 ratings translates into key drivers for the Advanced Engines team in relation to both mechanical and thermal efficiency. With legislation becoming ever more stringent, calibration and after-treatment research form an important part of our work-scope with facilities in place to optimise our products.  Technology route-maps for all components result from legislative requirements, customer expectations and competitor actions.

Original design at the concept phase defines the architectural features for our engines that will satisfy the business’ future requirements.  An on-site suite of engine dynamometers and sub-system test rigs supports necessary performance, economy, mechanical and NVH tests, optimising friction, gas exchange and thermal systems.

Product Engineering

Our sister company MG Motor UK is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.  The marketplace is experiencing rapid advances in customer expectations, especially in the areas of in-car communication and connectivity, and advanced driver assistance systems.  Similarly, legislation is changing rapidly driving extensive product updates for the UK market.

The UK Projects team in SMTC UK is responsible for the specific adaptation of our global products for the UK market, for obtaining the required regulatory approvals, and for providing in-market technical expertise to MG Motor UK to support our vehicles that are already on the road in the hands of customers.

Key areas of work include translating customer requirements into technical targets, development of engine calibration and fuel economy optimisation, adaptation of in-car communication systems to work with local infrastructure, and close liaison with regulatory bodies to ensure on-time availability of the required approvals to support market launch plans.  All of this is backed up by extensive in-market testing, including extreme hot- and cold-climate testing using climatic test chambers and overseas test locations such as northern Sweden, southern Spain and Australia.


Delivering world-class Innovation runs through all of our activity here at SMTC UK.  The Innovation and Business Development team facilitate the development of great ideas into real-world projects, concepts and partnerships for the business. Working alongside our SAIC colleagues in the UK, China and Innovation Centres across the World, we aim to deliver advanced features and products to our customers.

We offer a full scope innovation practice for the business, with facilitation of both external and internal developments, academic and commercial innovation partnerships.  Our areas of focus extend beyond just the development of the vehicle; we are also passionate about the future of mobility and lifestyle choices for MG and Roewe brands.

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