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Experienced Hires

As an expanding business in automotive technology, we are regularly looking for skilled and experienced engineers to take our business forward to achieve our vision.

By joining us, you will be challenged to use your imagination and knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry to devise, apply and manage the technologies that are fundamental to the characteristics and advancement of our products.

We are looking for people who are innovative, and that have the imagination and initiative in deriving greater or different value from resources; who have the knowledge and skills to create new ideas where they can generate and convert them into useful products.

We mainly recruit Engineering and Design staff, but we also recruit in other sectors such as Finance, Purchasing, Information Technology and Human Resources.

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What do you enjoy about working at SMTC UK?

I find recognition of my technical expertise from members of both the UK and China team an extremely rewarding part of my role at SMTC UK.

I enjoy seeing initiatives that I have led and been involved in making a positive difference to the business. ………

Doing a good job that is valued and recognised by the business. Having the ability to make a difference is something which is really important to me.