MG ZS Launch images

MG ZS Officially Launched

01st November 2017

Today SMTC UK sees the release of their new MG ZS compact SUV, boasting a multitude of exciting options and features as well as a full 7-year warranty!

The MG ZS gives you the best of all worlds, and that includes under the bonnet.

Our engines are designed and built to be life ready – easily tackling stop/start city traffic or long distance escapes. After all, it’s easier to enjoy the ride, when it’s always nice and smooth.

Take control with the responsive 1.5 litre manual transmission, or try the 1.0 litre turbo automatic if you prefer an even smoother drive. Either way, you can select from three steering modes to match your mood.

The best technology makes life better. And the MG ZS is packed with user-friendly intelligent tech at your fingertips. There aren’t loads of buttons, just loads of ways to make every journey a joy.

From the 8” touchscreen you can control almost all technology of the MG ZS. Add this to the steering controls, reverse cameras, Bluetooth and many other tech touches then you really do have a full package.

The MG ZS Excite & Exclusive come complete with 3 steering modes.

Urban Tuned, to improve maneuverability at low speeds, Normal Tuned for everyday driving and Dynamic Tuned for drivers who enjoy higher dampening and feedback at higher speeds.

Whichever mode you chose, drive it your way.

The little things can make the biggest impression.?Like look-at-me daytime LEDs, or chrome touches on the grille that say premium, even when the price doesn’t.

From the swept-back signature headlights right down to the boot lever, everything about the MG ZS’s exterior feels inspired. Oozing performance and capability, this sleek, bold design looks right at home on smart city streets or off the beaten track.

For more information or to begin building your very own MG ZS, visit the MG website