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SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited (SMTC UK) was established in 2005 to enable SAIC Group to benefit from the wealth of highly skilled automotive engineering and design talent present in Europe. Now, as an integral part of the SAIC Motor Technical Centre based in Shanghai, China, SMTC UK is responsible for key phases of the engineering, research, design, and development programmes of new MG and Roewe products for Global markets.  SMTC UK has continued to expand, and now employs around 275 engineers and designers with a high degree of automotive experience drawn from all over the European motor industry.
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2 hours ago
With many drivers travelling too fast, too close and often distracted, is it any surprise that we are also travelling too 'hands off'? What can engineers and car manufacturers do to promote safer use of new technologies? @IMechE @SMMT @TISPOLorg https://t.co/r5ru8I5T5w
3 hours ago
We are growing increasingly familiar with insurance 'black boxes' but connected cars will allow much more detailed monitoring of our driving. Would you be happy to share this information if it resulted in lower motoring costs, or provided evidence in the event of an accident? https://t.co/z2J9lcBby6
22 hours ago
This article from @arstechnica discusses some interesting aspects of automated driving technology research and development - it is a fascinating area of research at the moment as the leading companies try to find reliable ways to develop sensing systems and control algorithms https://t.co/Yt28TgUIrJ
23 hours ago
News from China that our parent company SAIC Motor has become the official partner of the Chinese Super League, China's top tier of club soccer @SportsPro https://t.co/lvCVTnpgRL https://t.co/42L0GyXjfr SMTCUK photo
1 day ago
If you enjoyed our posts on Roewe cars of the present, you may like this video featuring the Roewe Vision E Concept https://t.co/CsMreOIC9U
1 day ago
Much of our work at @SMTCUK adresses the challenges of the fast-moving #China market. This article from the @shanghaidaily describes the scale and rate of change in the #EV segment of the market

https://t.co/uyYWSUpJgu https://t.co/aLWhJW5C14
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